About Chase Rubin

Chase Rubin is a proven real estate development professional who provides his expertise and client-centered approach for projects that span across the country.

Chase see’s real estate development as more than just business, but as a creative tool to bring great ideas into manifestation. He also feels that he is bettering the community by helping to create project sand establishments that will benefit all. By creating community and commercial lots, Chase feels as though he is shaping the landscape of his area in a positive way. He is very adamant about using environmentally-friendly materials when he is building new lots and makes sure to recycle, reuse, and repurpose anything he can. Such is that of a real estate developer; one must keep in mind the consequences of every action and decision made during development. Real estate development is Chase’s passion and he continues to reap success within the greater Philadelphia area.

Although Chase enjoys fully dedicating himself to his career, he has also chosen to devote much of his time to certain philanthropic pursuits. Dividing his time between work and philanthropy is a new thing for Chase. He has been one to focus on his career in the past, and he definitely still does, however he has added a dimension of giving back to the community. Chase is grateful for all the opportunities that have allowed him to get to the point he is at in terms of his career, family, and friends. Working hard has always been the main tenet of Chase’s life, but now he realizes that his efforts can be delivered to organizations, people, and situations that need it most. For Chase, being involved in the improvement of other people’s lives, including animals, serves as a basis to motivate him to work harder for himself and his cause.

One thing is for sure, Chase’s kindness and empathy reaches beyond people and political situations. Chase is adamantly passionate about saving animals. Regardless of one’s beliefs, it is apparent that animals react the same way we do to fear, pain, and death. One may argue that animals indeed feel pain and fear, and if we as citizens of this country are able to live life in a free and safe manner, our animals should too. It is a sad idea to think about how so many people are abusing helpless animals that have no voice and are reduced to suffering in silence. Chase believes he is able to help the cause by channeling his efforts into a direct relationship with animal rights organizations, both globally and locally. Chase was once a man who spent most of his time working away at his desk, day and night, and then repeating the process over and over. Meaning was scarce, and with his search for meaning, he came across an article online that really opened his eyes to the perspectives of others.

Chase stumbled upon a heart-warming rescue story. The specific case featured a highly neglected and abused dog in Pennsylvania who remained a sweetheart even after his torturous ordeal. This dog show gratefulness for being saved and being safe. Watching that dog run up to a volunteer worker and jump him her arms would inspire anybody to stand up for what is right and prevent what is wrong. At that moment, Chase decided it was time for him to make a difference – not only in his life, but in the lives of others.

For many years Chase has contributed to improving the quality of animal rights through charities like the SPCA. Chase has now established a community of people who contribute to the improvement of innocent lives. Chase is fortunate to have met so many amazing people with the same life path of helping save animals. In his city of Philadelphia, Chase has access to many organizations, groups, and communities supporting the cause to save animals. Based on research, these local communities and groups that help animals and advocate for animal rights are extremely effective in preventing abuse. The more local an organization is, the more familiar the participants are to the community and to possible dangerous situations. Of course, there have been extremely radial situations where a volunteer for an anti-animal abuse program at the local level reported a house where the domestic dog was actually not being abused, just ill from a condition. It’s instances like these that hinder these groups from improving their presence in society. Chase is determined to set up rules for local animal rights groups so that citizens and volunteer members are both protected.

Saving animals from cruelty and neglect is a central tenet of the national charitable organizations that Chase chooses to support. Chase is also involved in many locally-based animal rights groups and rescue centers. Although the first SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) was founded in England in 1824 mainly to prevent the inhumane treatment of carriage horses, the society would later go on to protect dogs and other domestic animals, as well as expand to other territories.
In 1866, the SPCA opened its first American chapter in New York. The organization continues to expand to this day as local branches emerge all over the country and the world. The SPCA has been involved in a huge percentage of animals being saved, cared for, and prevented from abuse.

The overall objective of the SPCA is to “advance the safety and well-being of animals”. This resonates very clearly with Chase as he feels responsible to help those who are in need. Another program that Chase is involved in is The SPCA International (SPCAI), which focuses specifically on International Rescue Work as well as Military Support and Shelter support Programs. It has been chases dream to travel the world in search of animal safety situations that need help. Chase wants to make a global difference, but of course, global impact starts locally if everyone contributes in their locality. To travel the world, meeting new people and animals, as well as becoming more familiar with other cultures is one of Chase’s dreams. Various cultures and societies treat their animals differently than we do in the United States. It interests Chase to be able to learn about how other countries are dealing with animal-related issues and bring them back to the U.S. Chase wants to spearhead the movement to bring animal rights into the light and illuminate ways people can help contribute to the cause. The SPCAI aims to save animals from cruelty and neglect all over the globe, however, Chase believe the international organization should be even bigger and effective than it is currently.

Although organizations like the Animal Legal Defense Fund have been fighting to protect animals through the legal system for over thirty years, there is still a long way to go in the way of animal rights. Chase is determined to give back to the organizations that have done so much for animals and help carve a clear pathway to increasing animal safety within federal law. The definitions of “animal” and “cruelty to animals” currently vary by state and each state in the U.S. maintains its own set of standards with regards to how and who to prosecute in cases of animal cruelty. This is a major problem and Chase believes there is a way to unify every state and create a universal law for the treatment and safety of animals.

The development and implementation of such laws are critical in providing protection for animals suffering at the hands of the most egregious offenders. However, there is still that population of domesticated animals that are neglected or abused, but prosecution is unlikely or impossible. For these animals, organizations like the SPCA step in and focus first on removing animals from such conditions. It’s difficult to understand how people can watch or have the knowledge of an animal being mistreated or abused and not do anything about it. There is some natural disconnect happening there which is one of the main culprits of these types of situations getting out of hand. When the situation arises that nobody does anything to help a helpless creature, that creature will not survive. It should be an inherent fact or an intuitive sense when anything is dying, in pain, or in need of help, that one should be there to help make things better and return the other to safety. This is the kind of motivation and inspiration that Chase has learned to tap into. Chase has become more and more in tune with his intuitive observation, keen discerning skills, and connection to people who help each other. He is very fortunate to be involved in the network of people across the globe in the fight against animal cruelty. Chase is determined to teach others how to know when to act and when to let be. Chase is grateful to be working with such talented and passionate people who save lives every day.

This website will focus primarily on philanthropic causes that are important to Chase Rubin that fall along the lines of animal safety, St. Jude Children’s Hospital and the Red Cross. The site will also serve as a platform to share ideas, inspire others, and discuss philanthropic topics relevent to today.

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