Chase Rubin

The truth of the matter is we are exposed to such a small amount of cruelty cases, when it is far more prevalent than what we are shown.

Unfortunately, the css of animal abuse are not compiled by state or federal agencies which makes it nearly impossible to track trends in this type of crime.

Animal Abusers range between all socio-economic levels and rural/urban areas. Usually, these crimes coexist with violence against other people and as research suggests, they are predominantly male and under 30.

The most commonly abused animals are dogs. Animal abuse can also occur in the factory farm industry as there are weak protective laws assigned to owning livestock under state cruelty laws.

Organized cruelty goes hand in hand with other crimes such as drug trafficking. Homicides happen at cockfights and dogfights because of bets and disagreements.

Domestic situations are one of the most common crimes when it comes to animal cruelty. Child abuse, domestic violence, and animal abuse are all very prevalent and about 71 percent of domestic violence includes animals and people.

Legislature today has pushed for stronger animal cruelty and protective laws, as well as providing training for law officials to detect and prosecute for these crimes. Currently, all 50 states have a felony provision instated in their animal cruelty laws. Unfortunately, some laws only allow the felony charges to go through if the perpetrator has previous animal cruelty convictions. The problem with this is that only a very small fraction.