Chase Rubin: Paws and Stripes Helps Dogs and Heroes

If you are an animal lover, you no doubt already have a few furry friends running around your house. You may not have the room to adopt more, so you may be wondering what you can do now to help more animals.

Paws and Stripes may just be the charity for you! This nonprofit organization rescues dogs from shelters. The dogs aren’t pets (although surely they are loved and appreciated just as pets are); they act as service dogs, and have all the rights and protections from the American Disabilities Act that other service dogs get. The dogs are trained to be service dogs for wounded military veterans who have post-traumatic stress disorder or a traumatic brain injury.

They help veterans to live rich and full lives. Many veterans find that the only time they feel comfortable and relaxed is when their service dog is with them. Some say that having a service dog is much more effective than therapy or any kind of medication they’ve tried.

Veterans get to choose their own dog from a group of pre-screened shelter dogs, along with a professional dog trainer to help guide them. Then, the dogs and their veteran partners are trained by the organization at the same time, using positive reinforcement. The dog and the vet get to bond, and they both gain confidence in the process.

Another great part of this organization is that veterans never have to pay a cent to get a service dog, which can typically cost anywhere from $10,000 to $60,000. Getting a service dog can be a very expensive and time consuming process, but not for veterans who get help from this organization. Paws and Stripes operates from grants and donations.

A group that helps dogs who need a good home while helping our nation’s heroes. It is a great deal all the way around!