Volunteering is a special opportunity for people to help others and it happens either locally or on a larger, international scale.

Volunteering is part of our basic human need to help and be helped by others. Nothing in our world can be done alone as everything has been built to be interconnected and meant to be shared.

Animal shelters across the country provide a home for stray cats and dogs that need food, shelter, medicine, and comfort. There are many shelters that do not condone euthanasia and these animals live out their lifetimes without being adopted by people. Their saving grace is the people that come to play, volunteer, and build relationships with them.

Below is a video about the basic steps to volunteer. Volunteering may seem easy and obvious, but institutions and organizations have different ways of volunteering. Some may require training, an application, or a regular schedule.

The video below is quite simple in terms of the steps it lays out. This is a point meant to be shared as a message to those who want to volunteer: It really is that easy. The first step is making a decision to volunteer and the rest is easy.

In the video you’ll find that the most important step is to enjoy your time while volunteering. If the best you can do is offer positive energy to spread throughout the shelter, the animals (and people) will pick up on that. Sometimes that’s all that is needed. Spending time with animals not only improves your wellbeing, but it helps improve the lives of these innocent animals who feel imprisoned, alone, and unable to care for themselves.

We have removed these animals from the wild and bred them to be domestic. When they have no place to go or no owner to take care of them, it is our absolute responsibility to make sure we are dealing with our problem. A solution lies within us because the problem lies within us as well. Hopefully we will see a great surge in the improvement of animal safety, rights, and shelter standards across the nation.