Chase Rubin

Volunteers helping clean up debris from Sandy in Coney Island.

We all know that volunteering and giving back to the community is not only fun and beneficial to others, and it’s good for us. But do we know why exactly that is?

For one, volunteering reduces serious stress and makes you healthier, studies have shown. Our moods and emotions either strengthen or weaken the immune system. Studies have shown that if you focus on someone else, it stops tension from occurring within your own psyche and body.

Volunteering also saves a great deal of resources for the environment. When you volunteer, you help save more money from the government so that it can be spent on other things that need assistance.

Professional experience is a big one as many people are looking to create their own career paths and make a difference. Starting with volunteering can help show you that you can make a difference while getting experience – even if you are just starting off or well into your career.

Learning ways to promote self growth and esteem is one of the best lessons to learn as an adult. The catch? It’s constantly changing and you’ll have to keep up with it. This is where volunteering comes in – understanding other’s needs helps create empathetic feelings and self-efficacy.

Not only emotionally, but mentally as well – there is so much to learn from volunteering. Think about it, you are immersed into someone else’s world facing their issues and challenges and learning what must be done on a day to day basis. Learning is one of the key benefits from volunteering, that’s why so many businesses do favor those who have volunteered. These people also know themselves and what they like to a more refined degree.

More importantly, volunteering gives you a chance to know that you are beneficial and needed in terms of other’s wellbeing. By volunteering, many people become role models for the rest of the community and that encourages more and more people to become involved. Volunteering proves that you can definitely make a difference and that everyone counts.